Campsite regulations for the youth campsite in the climatic health resort of Hauenstein

1. purpose

The campsite is exclusively for youth development. It is intended to foster and promote community awareness within the group. Only youth groups under responsible leadership may use the site. Exceptions require the permission of the municipality.

2. registration

Registration must be made in writing to the

German Shoe Museum Hauenstein
Turnstraße 5
76846 Hauenstein

Tel. 06392 - 92 33 340
Opening hours: daily from 10 am - 5 pm

Registration by telephone requires written confirmation. It must include the name of the organisation, the responsible leader, the number of participants and the time of arrival and departure.
With the approval, the responsible leader receives a copy of the campsite regulations, for which he/she is responsible for compliance. The groundsman shall receive a copy of the permit.

3. use

Arrival from 13 - 16 h
Departure from 10 - 13 h

please note:
The time of departure should be communicated to the groundsman by the day before at the latest!

The groundsman assigns the group their designated spot.
When setting up the camp, the instructions of the groundsman must be followed. Motor vehicles belonging to campsite users or visitors may not be parked on the campsite grounds. In case of violation, the groundsman will expel the group from the campsite without any claim for compensation. Otherwise, vehicles are to be parked in such a way that access roads and passageways are kept free. Vehicles may be parked in the designated areas for loading and unloading.

The use of the pitch requires mutual consideration:

  • music with amplification systems (6 - 11 p.m.) requires permission from the groundskeeper
  • between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., the playing of music is only permitted at room volume. In the event of complaints, the playing of music may be completely prohibited.
  • absolute silence is to be maintained during night time (11 p.m. - 8 a.m.)
  • the permission of the groundsman is required to hold events during nighttime hours

4. firewood

The firewood must be purchased from a private contractor or - if available - from the local municipality at reduced rates.

If firewood is brought along, this must be reported to the groundsman on arrival. The origin of the wood must be proven upon request. If this is not possible, a fee of € 50 - 250 may be charged by the groundsman.

Pallets and other unsuitable materials must not be burnt.

The felling of trees is prohibited. If wood is nevertheless illegally felled, compensation of up to € 500 must be paid to the local community for each tree felled. Groups are jointly and severally liable.

Entering the forest with appropriate tools (e.g. saw, axe, hatchet ...) is also prohibited. 

Open fires must be monitored during the day and extinguished at night.

Only the designated fireplaces may be used on the campsite!

If, despite this, a fireplace is unlawfully set up, compensation of up to €1000 must be paid to the operator of the youth campsite. In addition, each camp leader is responsible for his or her group.

It is also prohibited to dig trenches around the tents.

5. waste disposal

Any rubbish (including leftover food and kitchen waste) must be collected in appropriate rubbish bags. After consultation with the groundsman, campsite visitors must dispose of this in containers provided by the local municipality of Hauenstein.

6. sanitary facilities

The cleaning of the sanitary building is to be done by the groups themselves.

If several groups are on the pitch at the same time, the cleaning procedure must be agreed with the groundsman. In this case, a cleaning plan will be drawn up.

If cleaning is not carried out or not carried out properly, a fee of € 50 - 250 per day is payable (depending on length of stay and group size).

Toilet paper is provided in usual quantities.

7. fees

The user fees can be found in the appendix on a separate supplement to these campsite regulations.

After receipt of the permit, a deposit of 50 % of the fees due is to be transferred to the Association Municipality Cashier within 14 days

Kreissparkasse Südwestpfalz IBAN DE34 54250010 00300003 68
R&V- Bank Dahn IBAN DE87 54291200 00000161 01

The remaining amount is to be paid at the German Shoe Museum Hauenstein on departure. If necessary, a bank transfer is also possible by arrangement.

8. deposit

The deposit amounts to
  • up to 50 persons 100 €
  • 51 - 100 persons 300 €
  • from 101 persons € 500
  • in individual cases, the deposit can be increased to double.


9. domiciliary rights

The groundsman shall exercise the domiciliary rights on behalf of the local mayor.
His instructions are to be followed by all users and visitors of the youth campsite.

In the event of violations of legal provisions or gross violations of these campsite regulations, in particular of clauses 3 and 4, the groundsman, the local mayor, a local councillor by proxy or a person appointed by the municipality may expel the group in question from the campsite.

10. Liability

The responsible leader is liable for damage caused by the group to the community or third parties. Damage must be reported immediately to the groundsman.

The municipality accepts no liability for damage resulting from the condition of the pitch and its facilities! 

11. withdrawal or change in the number of persons by the client

The campsite user can withdraw from the rental contract before the beginning of the rental period by written declaration to the landlord (local municipality of Hauenstein). The date of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal by the lessor is decisive. If the tenant withdraws from the rental contract, he has to pay a lump-sum compensation for the expenses already incurred by the landlord and the lost profit in the following amount:

  • Cancellation up to 90 days before the start of the rental period:
    10 % of the agreed total price
    at least € 25.00
  • Cancellation up to 60 days before the start of the rental period:
    20 % of the agreed total price
    at least € 50.00
  • Cancellation up to 30 days before the start of the rental period:
    50 % of the agreed total price
    at least € 100.00

The Lessee reserves the right to prove that the Lessor has suffered a lesser loss.

In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the tenant may name a substitute tenant who is willing to enter into the existing contractual relationship in his place. The landlord may object to the entry of the third party if he appears to be economically or personally unreliable.

If a third party enters into the tenancy agreement, he and the previous tenant shall be liable to the landlord as joint and several debtors for the rent and the additional costs incurred by the entry of the third party.

Should there be a change of more than 10 % from the registered number of persons, the campsite fee must still be paid for 90 % of the registered persons.

A corrected number of persons should be made at the latest 7 days before arrival!!!

76846 Hauenstein in January 2022

Ortsgemeinde Hauenstein
Markus Pohl
Local Councillor